We Exercised-ish!

Whizbee and I successfully ran/jogged our first official 5K together! The race was to benefit her rescue organization so, of course, I was happy to pay a small entry fee and participate.

Sunday morning, the whole family (dog mom, dog dad, and both furchildren) hit the road. We arrived in Chelmsford, MA about 15 minutes before the race began and got acclimated. I checked in, got my number and T-shirt, used the restroom, all that normal pre-run stuff. I scoped out the other dogs at the event. There were a LOT of other dogs so I wanted to get a sense for which ones would be running and how they behaved on leash around other dogs. Most seemed quite social although there were a few interactions that concerned me a little. Let’s just say I made mental notes to avoid some dogs more than others.

When it was time to gather behind the start line, I purposely situated us at the very back of the runner crowd. I knew we weren’t going to be fast and I didn’t want to have to deal with dogs passing us. My strategy paid off because I ended up starting the race behind a little puppy, whose ears kept getting flipped inside out while it was running. It was the cutest thing ever and made the beginning of the race really entertaining. Whizbee was doing great trotting next to me although I could tell she really wanted to meet that puppy. Very soon the puppy got tired so his owner picked him up and jogged with him in her arms. So I got to run behind them while he looked at me over her shoulder. SO CUTE. At some point I did decide to pass them because I felt like we could go faster.

The 5K ended up being quite… enjoyable? I’m not one who naturally enjoys running long distances so that surprised me. But running along with other people and their pups was inspiring, and nobody inspires me to run more than Whizbee. She trots so effortlessly next to me. I just look down at her goofy face and can’t help but smile and appreciate that I can give her this temporary thrill, even if it’s just for 3.1 miles. The path was wonderful too – a paved path in the middle of the woods. The trees provided a lot of shade and kept things very cool.

Running the 5K
I’m blinking, but I still love this photo!

The exact time of our run is a mystery since I started at the back of the herd. It was about 32 minutes though, which I’m really pleased with considering we didn’t train for this race.

Right after the race! Smiles all around!
Both Dogs
Severus is a proud of his sister!
I love her goofy smile!

Then there was a raffle and we won a cute little wooden crate with assorted beers and snacks! My husband was a good sport and didn’t roll his eyes once when I asked him to take photos of me and the dogs. All in all, we had a wonderful time, and I hope to participate again next year!

Raffle prize
One happy crazy dog lady.

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