Videos from Sev’s NW2

In April, Severus and I trialed for his NW2 title. He knocked it out of the park! I am so incredibly proud of how focused he was for all of the searches. He got right to business at the start lines, and he never walked away from a hide. Thankfully, I didn’t let him down and was able to read his body language accurately. We earned 1st place in Interiors (Pronounced), 5th place in Vehicles, 5th place in Containers, and 9th place in Exteriors. Overall we earned 3rd place and the NW2 title!

Here are some videos with my comments and notable time stamps underneath. Unfortunately there is no video of our 1st place interiors run due to limited space in the search rooms.

1 hide, 3 minutes, on leash
Severus and I don’t practice vehicles very often. That’s a shame too, because vehicles are a really interesting search element that provide a unique set of challenges. The undercarriage of a vehicle is chock-full of channels and pockets for odor to travel and pool. Wind and heat from the sun can really complicate the scent puzzle too. After this trial, I resolved to work on vehicles more often. Specifically, I’d like to develop more magnetization to vehicles so Severus wraps the sides of the vehicles more deliberately.

0:17 change of behavior
0:18 – 0:21 sourcing
0:22 alert!

1 hide, 2 minutes, on leash
Distractions make a lot of handlers nervous. I know they make me nervous! I am so glad that Severus came off the food distractions so quickly. Apparently a few teams got caught on the Cheerio trap!

0:09 saltines distraction
0:13 ball distraction
0:15 Cheerios distraction
0:22 – 0:25 alert!

2 hides, 3 minutes, on leash
I love how clear Severus’s bracketing behavior is. The second hide in this search is a textbook example of behavior for inaccessible hides! I really should have called alert much sooner. I could have saved a lot of time and we might have placed higher.

The search actually begins out of frame.
0:14 alert!
0:27 change of behavior
0:28 – 0:53 bracketing an inaccessible (I really should have called it at 0:41)
0:54 alert!

The professional photos haven’t been released yet so I might add them to this post when they are released. For now, here’s our happy photo showcasing our new bling!

NW2 photo

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