Big A** Harness Collection

I have a thing for dog gear. I know I’m not the only one. Mostly harnesses. I do have a deep appreciation for fancy collars and leashes, but I really like trying out harnesses. I think it’s justified because different harnesses can serve different functions. Nice polite walking, running like a maniac on the beach, nosework, car safety… My “ideal” harness for each of those situations is different, and I will not stop until I’ve found the perfect harness for every situation. I know I’m crazy.

I thought about writing a long blog post about every harness I own and all my thoughts about each one, but that would actually take me a century. So instead I sat down in front of my camera and just showed them all to you! It’s a super long video – over 45 minutes. (I told you I’m crazy.) If you’re only interested in a particular harness, feel free to skip to the time stamps listed below the video. In this blog, I will write the main pros and cons, in my opinion, of each harness.

0:38 – Puppia Ritefit Harness
2:14 – Alpine Outfitters Urban Trail Adjustable Harness
6:10 – Balance Harness (old manufacturer)
9:10 – ComfortFlex Sport Harness
11:37 – Julius-K9 Powerharness
16:18 – Freedom No-Pull Harness
19:15 – Sleepypod Clickit Sport Harness
23:38 – Balance Harness (Blue9 Pet Products)
25:36 – Balance Harness Buckle Neck Version (Blue9 Pet Products)
27:44 – Freedom No-Pull Harness
28:48 – Hurtta Updated Y Harness
33:27 – Sleepypod Clickit Sport
37:39 – Ruffwear Commuter Pack

As I wrote in the description of the video, the opinions I express in this video are simply that – my opinions. I realize that some of the harnesses I say that I “dislike” will work wonderfully for others. Every dog is different and every dog owner’s definition of “ideal harness” is different. For everyday living in the city purposes, my main priorities are that the harness does not restrict my dog’s shoulder movement and that it has a back D-ring and a front D-ring. I also have a pretty specific aesthetic, I prefer solid colors and clean designs, nothing too noisy. I am also partial to neoprene padding. Severus is really averse to harnesses, and I still haven’t found a harness that he’s excited to see.

Puppia Ritefit Harness
Pros: Widely available, Inexpensive, Easy to understand for new dog owners
Cons: I don’t really like the way it looks. Not very adjustable.

Alpine Outfitters Urban Trail Adjustable Harness
Pros: Very padded, Available in many colors, Lots of options for D-ring placement
Cons: Too heavy for Severus, Only for larger dogs since they don’t offer different widths

Balance Harness
Pros: Very adjustable, Clean design, Does not restrict movement, Front D-ring, Lightweight
Cons: Does not come in green, Not padded

ComfortFlex Sport Harness
Pros: Lightweight, Padded, Material does not collect dirt or fur
Cons: The horizontal chest strap, The way the leash attachment is so floppy

Julius-K9 Powerharness
Pros: Ability to attach velcro patches, Durable and professional, Back Handle
Cons: The horizontal chest strap

Freedom No-Pull Harness
Pros: Front D-ring, Velvet girth strap, Very adjustable
Cons: Girth strap rests too close to the armpits, Some of the color combinations are ugly

Sleepypod Clickit Sport Harness
Pros: Crash tested, Sleek design
Cons: Not available in green, reflectors on the straps peeled off

Hurtta Updated Y Harness
Pros: Neoprene lining does not collect dirt or fur, Lightweight
Cons: Not available in green, the Hurtta branding is too loud, Only one strap is adjustable

Ruffwear Commuter Pack
Pros: Sits nicely on the dog, Durable, Urban chic design
Cons: Leather accents are not animal friendly, Expensive

And in case you’re interested in some of the harnesses I have my eyes on…

Hurtta Trail Harness (for Whizbee)
Hurtta Active Harness (for either)
Performance First Dog Gear Harness (for either)



2 thoughts on “Big A** Harness Collection

  1. Yay, another harness enthusiast! Alpine Outfitters does offer 3/4″ webbing for smaller dogs (at least they did when I got mine in 2014), but I had to specifically request it.


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