Hi! My name is Celine!

I am a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP) who teaches group classes at The Pet Republic in Cambridge, MA. I am passionate about positive reinforcement dog training and always seeking coaching and inspiration from trainers whose work I admire. My two dogs, Severus and Whizbee, challenge me constantly and push me to find creative, kind, and effective solutions to the frictions that can arise when humans welcome dogs into their hearts and homes.

My background is in materials science. In 2013, I graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering. I had a real interest in the evolution of microstructure, mechanical behavior of materials, and metallurgy. After graduation, I started a technical job at a battery research and development company in Lexington, MA. I still work on battery research during the day so I can fund my expensive canine extracurriculars!

I hope this blog inspires others to fully enjoy the journey of raising a pet. This is a safe space to be unashamedly obsessed with your four-legged companion(s)! You’re in good company here because I am truly head-over-heels in love with mine.